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dc.contributor Van Niekerk, E. (Prof.)
dc.creator O'Brien, Jerome 2009-08-25T11:00:09Z 2009-08-25T11:00:09Z 2009-08-25T11:00:09Z 2007-11-30 2018-06-27T17:09:10Z 2018-06-27T17:09:10Z
dc.identifier O'Brien, Jerome (2009) Purgatory: a burning issue?, University of South Africa, Pretoria, <>
dc.description The thesis explores the subject of purgatory and its relative value for modern people. It summarises: 1. The manner in which biblical texts used to underpin the doctrine; 2. The history of the doctrine within the Roman Catholic Church and the reaction to it during the Reformation and beyond; and 3. Contemporary formulations of purgatory and purgatory-like ideas. The thesis argues, from several perspectives, that a modern formulation of the doctrine is: 1. Reasonable; 2. Biblically consistent; 3. Meets the criteria of an established Tradition at practice within the Church; and 4. Is capable of assisting people in understanding and appreciating the existential questions of death and the after life. The thesis is approached from the angle of a Legal Counsel presenting an argument for acceptance of the thesis.
dc.description SYS THEOLOGY and THEOL ETHICS
dc.format 1 online resource (160 leaves)
dc.language en
dc.subject parousia
dc.subject universalism
dc.subject human suffering
dc.subject theodicy
dc.subject grace
dc.subject justification by faith
dc.subject soul
dc.subject progress of the soul
dc.subject role of tradition
dc.subject amelioration of sin
dc.subject sanctification
dc.subject after life
dc.subject intermediate state
dc.subject purgatory
dc.subject Eschatology
dc.subject 236
dc.subject Catholic Church-- Doctrines--History
dc.subject Protestant churches-- Doctrines
dc.subject Eschatology-- Biblical teaching
dc.subject Eschatology-- History of doctrines
dc.subject Purgatory-- History of doctrines
dc.title Purgatory: a burning issue?
dc.type Thesis

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