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Head Teachers Management of Resources For Implementation of Integration Programmes For The Intellectually Challenged Learners in Primary Schools in Maara District, Kenya.

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dc.creator Mputhia, Caroline Kaari 2016-04-04T11:33:01Z 2016-04-04T11:33:01Z 2012-10 2018-06-24T06:10:35Z 2018-06-24T06:10:35Z
dc.description Special needs education is an important field to the Ministry of Education and to the Government at large. Most learners require a lot of resources to enable them understand a concept being taught. However the problem of management of resources is a major challenge in integrated programmes for the intellectually challenged learners. The Ministry has done a lot of efforts to develop Special Needs Education for these special needs children. For effectiveness, the Ministry has allocated extra funds for the Special Needs Children. It is not clear if these resources are adequate or if these resources are well utilized and no study has been carried out to investigate the problem. This study sought to investigate the head teacher’s management of resources for the implementation of integrated programmes in Maara District. The study utilized a descriptive survey research design. The target population of this study comprised of 11 head teachers, 40 teachers for integrated programmes for intellectually challenged learners and 1 DQASO in Maara district. The sample size for the study was 37 subjects comprising of 10 head teachers, 26 teachers and 1 DQASO. Data was collected using questionnaire for head teachers, teachers and an interview schedule for DQASO. One school outside the study sample was used in the pilot study. The split half technique of measuring reliability of the instruments was used to compute the reliability of the instruments. A correlation co-efficient of 0.7 and 0.72 were attained for, teachers, and DQASO respectively. Data collected using questionnaires was analyzed by the use of descriptive statistics namely; frequency counts and percentages using SPSS version 17 for windows. Data generated from the interview was also coded and analyzed descriptively and findings discussed thematically. The study established that most of teaching and learning resources were not available in most of the schools. Books were inadequate in most of the schools. The study further established that furniture, classrooms, chalkboards and latrines were adequate.The study established that headteachers did the inspection to the school facilities; the head teachers ensured that there were enough learning resources for all students. The integrated programmes have well maintained classrooms; do not have well maintained furniture, and resource rooms. Teaching staff was inadequate, students and staff were provided with essential stationery in time, headteachers were not effective in recruitment of support staff and motivating staff. The study further established that headteachers did not have management skills in management of the resources, inadequate school structures, and few SNE trained teachers, Lack of enough teaching and learning resources and Breakages and damages of resources by learners. Truancy, lack of strategic plans by the schools, high cost of living and materials and Instability of prices for commodities in the market were also highlighted as challenges. This study concludes that head teachers were found to be relatively effective in most of the aspects of integrated programmes resource management which included: physical, material, human and financial resource management. The headteachers to be appointed to head integrated programmes should also be trained on the various resources and needs for mentally handicapped. The researcher recommends that the government should increase its budgetary allocation to public primary schools with integrated programmes, and employ more SNE trained teachers to cater for the shortage of teachers in the integrated programmes. The researcher recommends that there should be increased involvement of the head teachers and SMC with other stakeholders in decision making.
dc.language en
dc.publisher Mount Kenya University
dc.subject Educational Planning
dc.subject Masters of Education
dc.title Head Teachers Management of Resources For Implementation of Integration Programmes For The Intellectually Challenged Learners in Primary Schools in Maara District, Kenya.
dc.type Thesis

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