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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-1 Timothy 2:8-3:1 (a), women's ordination in the light of the Christian self-definition of women in EphesusLemmer, H. R. (Hermanus Richard)
-14. Sustainability as an Outcome of Transformative Learning-
-15N-Uptake, N2-Fixation and Rhizobial. Interstrain Competition in Soybean and Bean, Intercropped with Maize-
-1998. 14. The Role of the Media in a Democratic Society. . Published in: The Road to Democracy by Eastern and Southern African Universities Research Programme . , Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania: published by Terma Publishers Company-
-2-Aryl-6,8-Dibromo-4-Chloroquinazoline as scaffold for the synthesis of Novel 2,6,8-Triaryl-4-(Phenylethynyl)Quinazolines with potential photophysical propertiesMphahlele, M.J.
-2D & 3D ultrasound systems in development of medical imaging technologyKahn, M. T. E.; Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Faculty of Engineering. Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering.
-2nd Food Science Subject Meeting Report-
-3D visualization of data from groundwater flow and transport modelsMesserschmidt, H. J.; Chiang, W. H.
-5-tone ZVEI encoder analyser-
-50 shades of celebration: an Indian cultural centre in Johannesburg-
-5G Radio Measurement Analysis-
-6.3 Energy poverty, REDD+ and FLEGT in Ghana-
-8-4-4 system of education and the teaching of english The way forward research paper. presented at the International Conference on Communication and education, Nairobi, 1992-
-A Study into Pre-Design Construction Project Cost Prediction in Ghana-
-A 40–100 MHz phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer with built-in self-test-
-A bacterial disease of the mango, Bacillus mangiferae-
-A baptist theology of the childKönig, Adrio
-A Baseline study for democracy and Governance Strategic Objective in Kenya-
-A baseline study of some heavy metals in Lake Bosomtwe-
-A baseline study to evaluate the groundwater conditions and predict future impacts of mining at Matsopa mineralsFourie, Francois