Enabling privacy and security in Cloud of Things

The Cloud of Things (IoT) that refers to the integration of the Cloud Computing (CC) and the Internet of Things (IoT), has dramatically changed the way treatments are done in the ubiquitous computing world. This integration has become imperative because the important amount of data generated by IoT devices needs the CC as a storage and processing infrastructure. Unfortunately, security issues in CoT remain more critical since users and IoT devices continue to share computing as well as networking resources remotely. Moreover, preserving data privacy in such an environment is also a critical concern. Therefore, the CoT is continuously growing up security and privacy issues. This paper focused on security and privacy considerations by analyzing some potential challenges and risks that need to be resolved. To achieve that, the CoT architecture and existing applications have been investigated. Furthermore, a number of security as well as privacy concerns and issues as well as open challenges, are discussed in this work.
The world is undergoing major changes or technological developments with the advent of computer “things”, first on the Internet and then in Cloud Computing (CC).
Cloud of Things, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Privacy, Security
Ari, A. A. A., Ngangmo, O. K., Titouna, C., Thiare, O., Kolyang, Mohamadou, A., Gueroiu, A. M. (2019), “Enabling privacy and security in Cloud of Things: Architecture, applications, security & privacy challenges” Applied Computing and Informatics, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. pp. 1-23. https://10.1016/ j.aci.2019.11.005