The effect of thread type, stitch density and washing on seam performance of a Ghanaian real wax cotton printed fabric

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University of Cape Coast
xii, 139p. : ill.
In a 2×3×3 factorial experiment, which included two brands of threads, three ranges of stitch density and three cycles of washing, the performance of plain seam in a Real Wax cotton printed fabric from Tex Styles Ghana Limited, formerly Ghana Textile Printing Company (GTP) was investigated. The performance properties investigated were strength, elongation and efficiency. Specimens were washed using the Standard Launder-Ometer (Gyrowash 315). Each washed specimen was dried in the sun and the specimens removed immediately they dried. The breaking strength and elongation of the fabric and the seams were determined using the tensile testing machine (Hounsfield H5K-S). Means and standard deviations and inferential statistics (Analysis of Variance and Independent Samples t-test at 0.05 alpha levels) were used for the analyses of the data. Results in this study showed that differences existed between the two thread brands (OK, Sunflag) with regard to seam strength, elongation and efficiency, with Sunflag having higher values than OK. Also differences existed between the stitch densities used for the study, with seam strength, elongation and efficiency increasing as stitch density increased. Furthermore, differences existed between the washing cycles with regard to seam strength and elongation. On the other hand, in terms of efficiency, no difference existed between the washing cycles. In addition, the findings have brought to light the behaviour of seams in the different directions of the Wax printed fabric used for the study. The study showed that different Wax prints may require different types of threads at different stitch densities to provide desirable seams.
Wax prints, Fabrics, Thread and stiches, Textile printing company, Ghanaian wax print, Seam performance