Preliminary Studies of Fecal Sludge Accumulation Rates of Dry Pit Latrines Using Kinect Based 3D Scanning Technology

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This study entails the findings of the accumulation rates of dry pit latrines in an urban community in Ghana. The results are then compared to that proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Over the years, studies have been conducted to get faecal sludge accumulation rates that could be internationally accepted. As a result of the discrepancies in the values obtained over the years, WHO proposed a figure (0.006m3 /person/year) which has been used since the 1950s. Our study was conducted in line with the already conducted studies but using the 3D Kinect technology with the cloud compare software. Based on our findings, we realized that the accumulation rates of dry pit latrines average 0.132m3 /person/year) in Fiapre, Ghana. This study also points out few reasons why there may have been discrepancies in the values obtained by various researchers over the years. We therefore encourage that the methods used in this study be employed in determining the accumulation rates of solids in latrines prior to their design and construction.
accumulation rate, sanitation, KVIP, toilet pits, Kinect, 3D scanning, Ghana, Power, University of Energy & Natural Resources, ACE: Energy and Environmental Sustainability