Investigating Occupational Health and Safety of Workers on Selected Construction Sites in the Sunyani Municipality, Ghana

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Journal of Safety Engineering
The administration of Health and Safety is an issue that is significant and pivotal to all organizations across all businesses worldwide. This integrates conventional and commercial businesses, data innovation (IT), care homes, schools, higher instructive teaching, travel and relaxation among others. The construction industry in the nation has always suffered due to hazardous working conditions. Occupational Health and safety is specifically significant and vital for the construction industry. The construction industry has a global reputation for the quality of work but, however, remains one of the most dangerous industries within the country. Contractors, subcontractors and their workforce quite frequently face varied risks from hazards which could result in injuries, other illnesses and even deaths in severe instances. This study investigated occupational health and safety on selected construction sites in the Sunyani Municipality in Ghana. Three different sets of questionnaires were distributed to and interviews conducted for consultants, contractors and construction workers in the Building Construction Industry. The focus of the interviews and questionnaires included accident origins, health and safety policy and management, factors affecting health and safety and reporting schedules. The results indicated that the factors responsible for most accidents on construction sites are workforce situations and management operations. It was also revealed that lack of PPE’s, technical guidance, training, safety knowledge and fatigue could seriously affect health and safety on construction sites either as one or in combination. The study recommended the enforcement of safety protocols on all construction sites and a progressively consistent and sustainable health and safety educational campaign programmes to enhance awareness of the negative implications of lack of health and safety procedures on site.
Ghanaian Construction Industry, Occupational Health and Safety, Sunyani Municipality, Ghana, Power, University of Energy & Natural Resources, ACE: Energy and Environmental Sustainability