Advanced Burkitt Lymphoma in Sub-Saharan Africa Pediatric Units

Purpose To evaluate the results of an intensive polychemotherapy regimen for Burkitt lymphoma (BL) in sub-Saharan African pediatric centers. Patients and Methods Children with advanced-stage BL (stages II bulky, III, and IV) treated with the GFAOP–Lymphomes Malins B (GFALMB) 2009 protocol in 7 centers between April 2009 and September 2015 were prospectively registered. Treatment regimen contained a prephase with cyclophosphamide followed by 2 induction courses (cyclophosphamide, vincristine, prednisone, high-dose methotrexate [HDMTX]), 2 consolidation courses (cytarabine, HDMTX), and a maintenance phase only for stage IV. HDMTX was given at the dose of 3 g/m2. Results Four hundred patients were analyzed: 7% had stage II bulky, 76% stage III, and 17% stage IV disease. Median age was 7.3 years, and sex ratio was 1.9:1 (male:female). A total of 221 patients received the whole protocol treatment and 195 achieved complete remission (CR), 11 of them after a second-line treatment. Treatment abandonment rate was 22%. One hundred twenty-five patients died, of whom 49 deaths were related to treatment toxicity. A total of 275 patients are alive, including 25 despite treatment abandonment, but only 110 are known to be in CR with a follow-up . 1 year, indicating a high rate of loss to follow-up. Twelve-month overall survival (OS) was 60% (95% CI, 54% to 66%) and 63%, 60%, and 31%, respectively, for stage II bulky, III, and IV. Patients with stage III disease who started second induction course within 34 days had OS of 76%, versus 57% (P = .0062) beyond 34 days. Coclusion The GFA-LMB2009 protocol improved patients’ survival. Early dose intensity of treatment is a strong prognostic factor. Improving supportive care and decreasing loss to follow-up are crucial.
Burkitt Lymphoma (BL) is the most frequent non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) in children and accounts for 50%-60% of childhood NHL
Burkitt Lymphoma (BL), non Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL)
Bouda et al. (2019) Advanced Burkitt Lymphoma in Sub-Saharan Africa Pediatric Units: Results of the Third Prospective Multicenter Study of the Groupe Franco-Africain d’Oncologie Pédiatrique. Journal of Global Oncology, pp. 1-10. DOI: 10.1200/JGO.19.00172